What To Avoid When Trying To Get Whiter Teeth

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In addition to properly brushing your teeth and using the right toothbrush, part of maintaining a bright, white smile is what you eat. Due to certain foods containing staining ingredients or acidic compounds that can settle deep in your teeth, there are a few foods you should avoid when trying to get whiter teeth. Here are the most common foods that can cause stains and discoloration that you should avoid eating often and make sure you brush afterward:

Pasta Sauces

Common pasta sauces often contain compounds that have high acidic components. Traditional sauces that are tomato based such as Bolognese are the one of the leading causes of teeth discoloration. You can help prevent tomato sauce stains from setting into your teeth by eating dark green vegetables like broccoli or spinach which can help create a barrier between your enamel and the sauce. Brushing as soon as possible after eating tomato sauce is highly recommended.


Curries are known for their bold flavor as well as their bright, vibrant colors. Similar to pasta sauce, many curries contain acidic components which can break down enamel and cause tooth discoloration. Additionally, many of the ingredients in curry that provide the vibrant colors (such as turmeric) can stain your teeth. Over time, consuming yellow curry often can create a yellow tinge to your teeth so if you are trying to whiten your teeth, avoiding curries is recommended.


There are a lot of beverages that can discolor and even damage your teeth. Some of the most common culprits are wines, teas, and coffees because they contain chemicals known as tannins. While tannins add to the unique flavor of these beverages, they can also cause discoloration in your teeth.

Soft drinks and sports drinks can also cause your teeth to discolor because they are high in sugar and acids. The sugar and acid will settle deep into your teeth, staining them, and can cause severe tooth damage over time. To help prevent beverages from staining your teeth while you try to whiten them, drinking through a straw can help as it prevents the liquid from coming into direct contact with your teeth.