An Open Letter: Launch Day

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After over a month of scrambling around and trying to prepare every little detail I am proud to say that as of today we are officially open for business. It’s been a long journey to get to this point, from sourcing all the materials necessary to working out how I am going to take peoples order, there has been many ups and downs. The decision to do everything (almost) in house which created a lot of work has actually worked in our favour; We now know every inch of our business, which means we can change something incredibly fast if it doesn’t work out.

As a kick off present to everyone who has supported the CharBrush from the humble beginnings we are giving you a 10% discount. use discount code ‘earlybird10’ at the checkout and it will knock off 10% of your cart.

Over the coming weeks we will be holding competitions and giving out free review samples of the CharBrush so stay tuned and make you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep on top of all the news 🙂