Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

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Everyone wants to look good and be presentable. Most people link this to just being well dressed. Looking good is not only about the clothes you wear, there are other factors involved. Taking care of your body, skin, hair, nails, and teeth contributes to making you look and feel great. A nice set of teeth helps you in giving out a beautiful smile and this adds to your appearance and makes you stand out. Now how does one maintain a nice set of white teeth?

In today’s world there are many ways that can be used to whiten your teeth and some of them are mentioned below. I have listed a mix of natural ways to whiten teeth and some standard options.

Brush after drinking or eating

Most of us brush just once in a day and some do it twice. It is recommended twice is best for desired result of good white teeth. Doctors always advise us to brush twice especially after eating or drinking simply because it cleans what is left behind. This helps you in maintaining a nice set of white teeth.

Oil pulling

This method is simple and easy you- swish oil in your mouth: it could be sesame oil or coconut oil for about twenty minutes which helps in removing the stains and the bacteria in your mouth. This should be done every day in the morning which will result in teeth whitening. Not many prefer doing this because just the thought of oil in your mouth makes you feel uneasy, and leaves a bad aftertaste- and not to forget the odor.

Whitening toothpaste

This method is mostly recommended by dentist who prescribe a particular brand of toothpaste to be used probably twice in a day. This is possible because the toothpaste will contain whitening agents in them, now this could be bad for your gums and enamel.

Turmeric is known to make stains especially on clothes that are white, but works well on teeth which happens to be a surprise. Come to think of it a yellow toothbrush and the taste of raw turmeric in your mouth every morning. Not many would like this even though it works.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the best methods to whiten your teeth naturally and not using the dental gels which have toxins in them and could be dangerous to your teeth and gums.

Activated charcoal does work well on your teeth because it absorbs the tannins, the chemicals that are found in tobacco, tea and coffee, which stain your teeth, to mention a few. However this does not stick on to the minerals like the calcium of your teeth and the reason it does not harm the enamel of the teeth even when used often.

The brighter part of using activated charcoal is that it dampens the progress of pathogens and the growth of cavities which helps in restoring the gum tissue. For instance activated charcoal is added in toothpaste in few countries to restore tooth whitening.

If you need white teeth- stay away from gels or other medication. Instead, try this natural medication with no side effects and with quick results. This is bound to make you happy, and you are sure to thank yourself for the choice you made. The CharBrush is a fantastic option for whitening with charcoal.