Why Should You Get A CharBrush?

There are two main reasons we think you should get a CharBrush.

To Deep Clean and Whiten Teeth

Natural Whitening

One of the leading causes of dull teeth are the things we drink. Tea, coffee, and wine contain acids known as tannins that bind to your teeth and cause stains. The activated charcoal in a CharBrush toothbrush and boost powder absorbs these and other acids to naturally whiten your teeth and remove stains that are deeply embedded. This allows for powerful teeth whitening without the harmful chemicals of strips and foams.

Eliminates Bad Breath

The inside of your mouth is teeming with chemicals, germs, bacteria, gasses, and other compounds that can cause unpleasant odors. The CharBrush absorb all of these odor-causing compounds which leaves your mouth not only feeling clean but odor-free as well. Instead of simply masking bad breath with fake chemical scents like mint, the bristles on the CharBrush eliminate bad breath entirely.

Kills Bacteria and Germs

Charcoal does more than simply remove gasses and chemicals that cause bad breath, it takes care of the source. These harmful bacteria are what eat away at our enamel and cause tooth decay, gingivitis, and other oral hygiene problems. The charcoal found in the CharBrush has the ability to absorb and destroy harmful bacteria and germs on a microscopic level for unparalleled cleaning.

Since the charcoal eliminates germs they don’t stay alive on your toothbrush when you’re done brushing either to ensure you are not reintroducing germs into your mouth when you brush.

To Save The Planet

Plastic Toothbrushes (Manual & Electric Nibs)

Plastic toothbrushes are made from polypropylene plastic and nylon, which are sourced from non-renewable fossil fuels.

Manufacturing Nylon creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Plastic toothbrushes find their way into waterways and oceans where marine creatures can mistake them for food.

The CharBrush

By using a CharBrush you can avoid using plastic toothbrushes. The CharBrush is created with the planet in mind, Every part of the CharBrush is recyclable, even the packaging it comes in. We have made sure we steer clear of any materials which could end up damaging the planet.

The bamboo is sourced from a renewable source so we do not interfere with the natural ecosphere.

We try to be as efficient as possible in every task to reduce the amount of waste we produce.


Meet The Founder

Charlie Vinall – Founder

Charlie Vinall is the founder of CharBrush. He is a young(ish) British guy who lives in London, Charlie went to university in Southampton where he studied business with psychology. While at university, Charlie was the Campaigns Officer at the Student Union, his job was to oversee all the charitable campaigns students were running. This is what sparked an interest for environmental causes and products which offset the problems. He has spent the best part of a year tracking down the right product that he is willing to put his name behind. The CharBrush ticked every box, even the inventive name box (Charlie/Charcoal brush = CharBrush). He has high hopes for the future of CharBrush and hopes you can be part of the adventure.